Best Dating Apps Reviews for 2021

Dating apps are the trend among millennials nowadays. They have gained immense popularity, especially among college-going students. From just single dates to flings to finding their life partner, everything can happen on these apps. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, dating apps have proven to be the best way to keep up your romantic life. Additionally, these apps also have features to spice it up after this pandemic is over too. What are the best dating apps to find love or develop either casual or serious relationships?

Best Apps for Dating in 2021

There are tons of apps available in the market, and each has its own set of unique features. So what makes some of these apps better than the rest? Which ones would you use for a fling, and which ones to find a soul-mate? Navigating the sea of dating apps can be daunting. We have done our diligence to list the latest rankings for the best dating apps and help you make your favorite picks.

Tinder Dating for Casual

Tinder dating apps for hookup

Swiping right or left: You must have heard these phrases on social media or even in casual conversations. Guess from where they came? That’s right! TINDER. Tinder is one of the oldest and the most popular of all dating apps. One major reason for its popularity is that the interface of Tinder is straightforward to use. You need to sign in and add 5 to 6 pictures of yourself with your name and age and a short description. It is mandatory to be 18+ to sign-up, though. You can add additional information upon your choice. It displays a photo, age, and bio. If you like what you see, you swipe right else left. If both people swipe right, they are matched, and voila! You have gotten yourself a date.

Tinder has some of the best reviews all over the world. Since it has a simple user interface, a lot of people find it very comfortable to use. Many people have had various hookups and also found their life partners here. Tinder also has a unique feature that allows you to choose the radius under which you are looking for a match. You can even boost your profile by paying a nominal fee every month. However, there have been several complaints of fraudulent profiles on Tinder. Many users also complained that their profile was deactivated without notice, even if dormant for a few days.

SweetRing Dating to Find Real Love

Sweet Ring Dating App

If you are looking for a serious or long-term relationship, SweetRing is the place for you. If you are looking to date, this probably isn’t the right app. Setting up a SweetRing account is very easy but requires you to have a Facebook account with at least 20 friends. This qualification serves as an excellent fraud check, and hence you may be spared from any scammers. The app’s unique feature is the inquisitive questions that have to be answered while connecting with people. This feature adds a personal touch to your profiles and ensures that you match with the right kind of people. Once your profile is up, you can find those you like, answer their questions, and hope it is intriguing enough to start a conversation. Make sure you choose the right questions for your profiles too!

As with any app, it has its pros and cons. SweetRing has a 24/7 monitoring of profiles, which significantly reduces fake profiles. It has an attractive user interface both in the website and app forms, and the app is available both on ios and android. Nevertheless, the cons here are that you need an FB account to set up and pay a monthly fee for many of the features.

Bumble Dating Casual to Serious Relationship

bumble dating app

Bumble is one of the very few dating apps to provide a lot of its control to women. It upholds the saying “Ladies first!”. The setup is very similar to that of Tinder. You can swipe up on a profile to view additional photos and descriptions. If you have found a match, the woman has to take the first step with this app. She has to respond to the guy within 24 hours of the match. The guy can extend the time but does not hold any other powers as such. Same-gender matches can also be found on this app, and in this case, either party can make the first move.

Bumble is one of the most popular apps for dating and flings, though many times, it has led to serious relationships. The usability of bumble is very high, and the user interface is convenient to use. It is also one of the very few apps which have a strict policy against pornography and graphical images and a code of conduct for users. However, it is a paid app and hence less popular compared to Tinder. A Facebook account is a must to use this app, and a lot of men here have said that they feel very out of control as they cannot initiate a conversation.

Hinge Dating for Serious Relationships

Hinge Dating App

Hinge is a very carefully curated dating app. While it looks very similar to other apps, it has some very significantly different features too. Hinge matches people based on their likes and interests, so you need to answer a few elementary questions while setting up your profile. Do you play tennis? Swipe right. Don’t like history or museums? Swipe left. It is very less time-consuming and ensures suitable matches most of the time since you have something in common to connect. Unlike Tinder, Hinge focuses more on dating and relationships rather than hookups.

Some of the advantages of Hinge are that you can only chat with those you have matched. The app does not allow the sending of images, thus protecting people from inappropriate behavior. You can interact with a profile in a way similar to Instagram by liking their photos and commenting too. The disadvantages include the fact that you can use only images from Facebook and Instagram in your profile, and if you are not an active user, it might be hard for you. You may eventually have to pay a subscription fee to continue using its services. Despite these, Hinge is gaining popularity as we speak and is rated as one of the best dating apps.

Eharmony Dating for Long Term Relationship

eharmony dating app

Eharmony is yet another handy app if you are looking for a long-term relationship. It has a tedious setting up process, though. There are around 100 questions that are then used to find a good match. Though these questions are relatively simple, the process as a whole might end up a bit boring. But hey, what’s love without a little pain? One of the unique features of Eharmony is that there is no search feature. You will be shown a list each day with colored bars to indicate your compatibility with various factors. You can choose to match with anyone on the list. But if you end up matching with the wrong person even by mistake, it messes up the algorithm, and you will continuously be seeing people you aren’t interested in.

It is not mandatory to upload pictures, which may be a boon or bane, depending on the kind of person you are. The interface is pretty simple, and it allows video chatting as an option for those who cannot meet in person. Needless to say, some of the best features can be accessed only through subscriptions. All in all, it is a good app if you are looking to marry the next person you meet.


Finding a perfect date is hard work. However, it is a lot less challenging with these best dating apps for 2021. Just proceed to download and install them today and find your ideal date for a lovely dinner or a trip. It could turn out to be the start of something to remember.



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