What are Your Favorite PS4 Games to Play in 2020?

For the Christmas season 2020, Sony has announced the release of the next generation of consoles with the PlayStation 5. For the first time, you might miss what PS4 console games you have ever or never played before. In the months before the exclusive new attractions appear and turn our heads as gamers, it’s time to list out your best PS4 games in the last few years and play them (again).

Top 10 Best PlayStation 4 Games Reviewed for 2020

All of the PS4 games from our list are very high quality and we highly recommend them. Of course, personal taste also plays a role in the decision-making process. If you can’t do anything with football, for example, PES 2020 is certainly the wrong game for you.

Despite the abundance of top PS4 games that have appeared, one game has emerged as the test winner. Death Stranding by the exceptional developer Hideo Kojima is an incomparable masterpiece that is bubbling over with creativity and ingenuity. That’s why Death Stranding is reviewed at the forefront of the best PS4 games for 2020.

Death Stranding

The science-fiction adventure by cult developer Hideo Kojima was a great mystery until it was released. Kojima loves to leave the players in the dark for the time being and to throw up new questions with each answered question. After our test of the PS4 game, we are much smarter and know that we are dealing with a masterpiece in Hideo Kojima’s new project.

The PS4 game captivates with its twisty, unique story. The cinematic production of the German dubbed cutscenes with convincing actors, as well as the unique game world make the Kojima adventure an absolutely exceptional game. The freight mechanics are also being continuously expanded. Last but not least, Death Stranding is characterized by Kojima-typical ideas and the inimitable humor of the star developer.

If you have made various deliveries for the weather station in the background, the scientists there predict the time rain for you.

The creators have dispensed with a dynamic day/night change, which leaves some air out of the otherwise very dense atmosphere bubble. The USA is also too small in the game world of Death Stranding.

Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima is the next and last major exclusive of the PS4 era. The open-world action-adventure game is developed by Infamous developer Sucker Punch and has also become a real highlight.

Ghost of Tsushima is set in Japan in the year 1274. The player takes on the role of the young samurai Lord Jin Sakai. After the death of his parents, Sakai was raised by his uncle Shimura, who ruled the small island of Tsushima as a prince in the name of the shogun. Jin, his uncle, and about 80 other samurai oppose the Mongolian force under the leadership of Khotan Khan, although they know that they have no chance against the huge army and should only slow down the invasion so the troops have more time to stand up to form on Kyushu.

Sucker Punch’s action-adventure tells an exciting story with well-written characters. The interesting, unspent setting is shown by a pretty and believable game world that offers a lot of variety. Story missions are strongly staged, the many side tasks tell backgrounds and small stories. Ghost of Tsushima depicts Japanese culture without annoying clichés. The motivating combat system and gripping duels round off the excellent PS4 adventure by Sucker Punch.

The AI ​​has a few dropouts, and there are problems with the camera in tight spaces. In addition, the mission design is partially repetitive, especially when it comes to secondary tasks.

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The Last of Us – Remastered

Dark, visually powerful, moving, and occasionally simply scary. This is Uncharted’s excursion-Inventory studios Naughty Dog into the genre of survival horror and post-apocalyptic action. In the year 2033, the majority of people will be zombie-infected by a fungal infection. Most of the rest live under the control of the military, only one resistance group, the Fireflies, is resisting the dictatorship.

When the young Ellie is discovered, a girl who is apparently immune to the fungus, hope arises. Heavily traumatized Texan Joe (a heartbreaking scene explains the character’s background) is given the task of taking his protégé across the United States to a Firefly facility.

There it should be examined whether an antidote can be found with Ellie’s help. The road trip through the post-apocalyptic USA is one of the strongest stories to play on the PS4. And we can wait for zero

A Plague Tale: Innocence

The action-adventure set in France in 1348 tells an emotional story about 16-year-old Amicia and her five-year-old brother Hugo. The two not only struggle with the unpleasant consequences of the Inquisition, but there is also a plague of rats. The population is also suffering from the plague and the Hundred Years War is raging. During their journey, the siblings continue to develop and grow dear to you.

It is in the nature of things that the young protagonists tend to avoid fighting. So you always have to come up with a ruse and use the environment for yourself. Rats, for example, shy away from light, so it is necessary, for example, to release fire containers from their anchoring using a slingshot in order to pave the way. Sometimes two levers have to be operated at the same time; allies can be ordered for this. Over time, Amicia also practices alchemy so that she can build a kind of bomb. In the later course of the PS4 adventure, the player can also expect first-class boss fights.

The story of A Plague Tale: Innocence remains exciting until the end of the game and is carried by well-written characters, especially the main characters Amicia and Hugo arouse intense emotions. Diverse areas with detailed representation delight the gamer’s eye time and again.

The gameplay of the PS4 game is also completely convincing. The thoughtful switch between stealth, fight, escape, and puzzle passages ensure a great flow of the game. The individual elements of the action-adventure game are always meaningfully expanded.

Unfortunately, the character drawing of the villains is not on the high level of the main characters. Also, opponents often behave quite stupidly.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Monster Hunter World, which was released at the beginning of 2018, got an offshoot with Iceborne this year, which is in no way inferior to the excellent main game in terms of quality and scope. In the action role-playing game from the manufacturer Capcom, you bring down huge monsters alone or in a group.

After the greatest danger in the New World has been averted in Monster Hunter World, the hunters of the Fifth Fleet are facing the next problem: A kite has made its way into the Ancient Forest. The monster can only be hunted down with good basic preparation and tactical skills. In the next more than 20 hours of play, you will have to deal with numerous other giant animals that cannot be turned off with a few hammer blows. Only those who think about armor and weapons equipment invested has a chance at all against the oversized monsters. The fights can be fought with up to three comrades.

In the huge, lively game world of Iceborne numerous, lovingly designed monsters have nested. The so-called hoarfrost width is also full of ideas. The camp in which you improve your equipment between the hunts is much clearer in Iceborne than in the main game. The selection of powerful weapons and equipment is excellent. The fights are particularly fun in a group. Even after the story campaign is over, there is still enough content to motivate you to continue playing.

The loading times are quite abundant. It’s also a shame that the hero doesn’t speak. Not all dialogues are set to music anyway. Overall, the history of the action game gives away a lot of potentials.

Kingdom Hearts 3

After 17 years and numerous offshoots, the Kingdom Hearts trilogy has actually been told to the end. What fans of the widely ramified saga will be served at the end on the Playstation 4 is absolutely impressive. The final of the Disney crossover not only delights younger role-players.

Kingdom Hearts 3 brings together the numerous storylines of its predecessors. The premise of the game changes constantly: Once the player goes in search of a missing friend. Then a power has to be restored that character Sora lost in one of the predecessors. Later the search for a sword-bearer banished into the darkness occupies himself. In addition, Kingdom Hearts 3 brings the player to well-known Disney worlds, for example to Arendelle, the world from The Ice Queen, or to Monstropolis from The Monster AG. Disney series like Toy Story, Pirates of the Caribbean, or Winnie the Pooh also serve as backdrops for the PS4 RPG. Kingdom Hearts 3 is hardly a playful challenge. You run through the areas, solve simple puzzles or defeat opponents with guns and firearms – and enjoy the unique atmosphere.

Kingdom Hearts 3 exudes a fantastic Disney atmosphere and leads the player into large, impressive areas. In addition, the PS4 game benefits from fun battles and numerous varied game ideas. The scope is also impressive, there are countless main and secondary tasks.

Unfortunately, publisher Square Enix has saved a German synchronization. The screen texts are of course all in German. In addition, the focus was more on cut scenes than on playful substance. The controls could be too overloaded for one or the other. Anyone who is not familiar with the Disney universe should also have problems following the plot completely.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Spider-Man is a PlayStation exclusive and the first game hit for Marvel since Ultimate Alliance in 2006. While gaming adaptations of the movie hit often disappoint and the money for the Blu Ray of the movie is usually better invested, Peter Parker was one of the PS4 Highlights in 2018. Smooth gameplay, good unlockable content, and a heart-touching story – this is how the flight through the street canyons of New York is fun. Insomniac Games was previously known for the Ratchet & Clank series. With Spidey’s excursion to Sony’s PlayStation, the developers have opened the door to further licensed games and an MVGU, a Marvel Video Game Universe. The comic giant has characters in stock that are suitable for colorful console adventures – more than enough.

Grand Theft Auto 5

GTA5, Grand Theft Auto 5, was developed by RockStar, and its PS4 version was released in Nov of 2014. Hard to believe, but “GTA 5” was already released for the PS3 and quickly developed into the most successful entertainment product of all time. Even at the end of the PS4 generation, the open-world game dominated the sales charts, with no end in sight. Especially as a platform for online role-playing communities, “GTA 5” has become indispensable and clearly one of the most versatile and best PS4 games.

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The Last of Us: Part 1 and 2

The award-winning adventure game from developer Naughty Dog first appeared for the PS3 and was also released as a remaster for the PS4 shortly after its release. The story of two dissimilar companions on a journey through the zombie apocalypse is a milestone in the storytelling of modern video games. In 2020 the sequel was released, which of course also belongs to this list.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Game depth, slowness, and a wealth of detail define the most complex open-world experience that can be played on the PS4. Rockstar Games’ “Red Dead Redemption 2” can be described as a Wild West epic about the change in society and the environment, wrapped in a dramatic adventure in the style of the old video game school. The separate online multiplayer on the other hand makes “RDR2” an anarchist Westworld spectacle for the “Fortnite” generation.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Hardly any other title for the PS4 is as much talked about as The Witcher. Ever since Netflix wanted to turn the stories about the monster hunter Geralt von Rivia into the legitimate successor to Game of Thrones, the long-haired mutant with the two swords has been ubiquitous. The Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski invented the monosyllabic white wolf who, as an outcast in a medieval world, hunts monsters for people who see him as little more than just another monster.

In The Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt Geralt is on the trail of his foster daughter Ciri. In turn, she flees from a mystical terrorist group that sails in a ship made of fingernails and brings eternal winter. On his search, the Witcher has to kill countless horror figures and move between the front lines of a bloody invasion. Both hold the potential for an almost unmanageable number of side missions. They drive up the playing time massively, but they also give the game considerable depth thanks to their colorful characters, fine dialogues, and elaborate production. Including two long DLCs, you can easily stay in the world of the witcher for months. Because Geralt is currently developing into a pop culture phenomenon, the game has pushed its way back up the charts. But The Witcher 3 is one of the best PS4 games ever and beyond the series provides more than enough good reasons to spend a lot of time with it.

Final Touch

The PlayStation 4 has been available on the market as the successor to the PS3 since the end of 2013 and is one of the most popular consoles in the world. In autumn 2016, an optimized version, the PS4 Pro, was brought to the market with an even better graphics processor and a higher clock frequency (CPU). So PS4 games can also be played in 4K resolution.

In addition to the extremely brilliant graphics, the game console from Sony advertises above all with extremely precise controls and various share functions. Entire game sessions or individual pictures can be shared with the (online) community at the push of a button. A multiplayer function makes it possible to play together, even if not all players have the corresponding PlayStation 4 game themselves on the console.

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