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What is Escape from Tarkov?

If you are a hardcore gamer, you are probably familiar with Escape from Tarkov or EFT. EFT is a famous multiplayer first-person shooter role-playing game available online since August 2016. This game is set in a fictional region called Norvinsk in Russia.

The Setting

ESF gained tremendous popularity since its release in Twitch, an online video live streaming service. Mass evacuation is happening in the city OF Tarkov, because of an ongoing war between two private military companies, in this case, United Security and BEAR.

The Objective

The game’s objective is that you choose a map from several options you have, loot as much money you can, survive the enemy attack, and escape.

One Of The Maps Of EFT 

Battlestate, the Russian Game developers of this game call each game as ‘Raids.’ The primary objective of the game is to escape that map you choose. Each map is complicated, with infinite buildings to explore and tons of money to loot. Then again, you will be attacked by a bunch of soldiers called SCAVS or scavengers. You kill whoever comes to your way and loot as much as you can.

The Next Level

When you kill a Scavenger, you get hold of all their gears like their ammo, weapons, etc. You can scale up your gears and weapons using the money you loot. This gives you a stronger hold in the game and helps you perform better.

Another critical point to remember is, a Scavenger could either be AI or a player-controlled enemy. If you are a Scav yourself, other Scavs don’t attack you, and you still loot a lot of money.

More Details

The game is not just about looting and killing your enemies. Battlestate has made the game as realistic as possible. Like any human, you, as a player, should watch out for your hunger, fatigue, and relative health throughout the game. With this in mind, there are many medicines, painkillers available to help your character recover from injuries.

Eventually, you can get out of the game anytime to purchase better gears with your loot. Not just that, you can sell your gears and ammo at the marketplace for sale.

Also, the loot system is meticulously designed in the game. It would help if you had the right ammo for the right weapon, so take extreme caution before playing around with your loot.

Where To Buy?

The best and smart way to buy Escape From Tarkov is from its official website. However, there could be other ways to download it, but not all are genuine sources. You can pre-order the Standard edition here. At around $45, the standard edition comes bundled with instant access to the closed beta version, digital copy, and a few bonus pieces of equipment. For example, you get two to threw pistol varieties, pistol ammo, magazines, canned food, medical kit, etc. Then again, from $45 to $200, you have a wide range of options from which to choose.

Packages Available

Escape To Tarkov has about four different packages available so far. Having said that, it is equally essential for you to pick the right one based on your level. Check for the packages available on the pre-order page.

Standard Edition

Liked the game and wanted to buy it? Go for the Standard Version to start with.

This comes with guaranteed access to the closed beta version, and you get a few basic types of equipment, for example, a bunch of pistols, ammo, and magazines. But, the stash you get is minimal, and this is not enough to store your loot or your items. Eventually, you end up selling stuff you might need for the raid, just because you can’t store them.

Although you have to play the game for a minimum of 100+ hours to get the hang of it, it is worth your time. If you think this game is right for you, you can always upgrade the packages.

Left Behind Edition

You get a slightly bigger stash and additional rifle and magazine. Apart from that, you get a couple of additional food and water supply along with a medicinal kit. There is a slight jump in the price compared to the standard edition.

Prepare For Escape Edition

You get a significantly larger stash compared to the previous packages. Also, it provides good initial standing with all in-game traders. In other words, this is a marketplace where you buy and sell items to other Scavs or players. You have a bigger container and extra pistols, ammo, magazines, and food to help you survive through the end of the map.

Edge Of Darkness Limited Edition

If you think Escape From Tarkov is your thing, go for the EOD edition. With every patch upgrade, the developers add tons of new maps and features for you to explore and play. You never get bored of the game, which is fascinating.

After all, you pay around $140 for the game and support the developers behind to give you great content and to fix bugs, glitches you see in the game.

Not Ready To Purchase Yet?

If you are not ready to purchase the game yet, you have a ton of options available. Twitch streams and YouTubers stream the game they play. You can look at gameplay on youtube. Additionally, in Twitch, users live-stream the game. You get a feel of the game before you decide to purchase it yourself.

Promo And Discount Codes

Until their beta version, Escape From Tarkov used to give 14 day free trials and promo codes but not right now. Nevertheless, you can always keep an eye out at their official website or Reddit forums. Usually, during holiday seasons, EFT gives out trial keys, promo/discount codes.

Where Can I Find A Code?

A few places to look for is Escape From Tarkov’s official website, at Reddit, and Meshable.

Reddit has tons of information from which you could benefit. I have seen many gamers sell/give away working promo codes if they don’t need it anymore. You have to keep an eye out for it.

Although EFT’s website and Reddit have working promo codes, the promo codes you find at Meshable could be a hit or miss.

EFT Forums

Whenever you see bugs or glitches in the game you are playing, you can reach out to their developers directly in their forums. They are proactive in responding to gamer’s questions, concerns, or bugs you see in the game.


To sum up, Escape From Tarkov could be a thoroughly intriguing game if you love EFT games, and this article should give you more insights about the promo codes and discounts from which you could benefit.

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