Ghost of Tsushima Review

Ghost of Tsushima is a great addition to the already impressive line-up that Sony Computer Entertainment has built up of exclusive titles for the PlayStation 4 (Best 10 PS4 Games). The game depicts the old Japan of the samurai in a beautiful and atmospheric way and scores with a well-developed combat system in which players have a lot of control and radiate power.

The downside is that the game feels a bit too easy at times, but that is not very annoying. The fact that there is some repetition in the use of some graphic assets and in the completion of some sidequests can hardly spoil the fun. When you are fighting a duel or putting together a haiku – both of which often happens in a beautiful, attractively lit environment – you have long forgotten that.

Comparison of Ghost of Tsushima Pros and Cons

  • Combat system;
  • Taste to samurai cinema;
  • Use of color and light;
  • A Lot to do/discover;
  • A Lot to collect and upgrade
  • Repetition in requests;
  • Many same houses;
  • Little a bit ‘overpowered’

Ghost of Tsushima’s Challenge

Do you know what may be the biggest problem for the Ghost of Tsushima? The game always has to share the stage with The Last of Us: Part II in the communication process in recent years. It is not easy to be an outstanding game, especially at a presentation or a show where the majority of the audience is simply waiting for information about one of the best games of this generation of consoles. It doesn’t help that release dates are so close and summer release dates for games are rarely a recipe for success. That means that development studio Sucker Punch really has to deliver a hell of a game if Ghost of Tsushima even wants to be in the shadow of all those other big games that Sony Interactive Entertainment has in the house.

First, let’s take a look at what the thing is negative for GOT. Where criticism is appropriate, it must be given, and just simply like that. Something that you will probably read a lot about Ghost of Tsushima. It is a kind of ‘Assassin’s Creed in Japan’. The criticism is of course aimed at a lack of originality. Ghost of Tsushima indeed borrows a wide variety of gameplay elements that are known from Ubisoft’s long-running action series, as well as various other games. It does that in a way that is by no means better in all areas than what we have seen in those other games. Some platform elements are a bit clumsy, the camera does not always turn smoothly, and so on. Those are problems that have already been solved in similar games.

How to Play Ghost of Tsushima

ghost of tsushima ps4 reviewIn Ghost of Tsushima, you play a character who can travel freely on horseback in an open world, perform all kinds of quests, improve his own skills and climb in a way that we know all too well from other series. You are also quite free in how you deal with the main storyline. The story is divided into several acts, but before you even finish Act 1, it could just be that you have already been doing twenty to thirty hours. It is very tempting to completely comb out the southern part of Tsushima, where the game starts before heading north, before continuing. What’s that in? The splendor of some parts of the game world.

All this takes place on the island of Tsushima when Kublai Khan is in power on the Asian mainland. The story begins as the Tsushima samurai prepare for battle with the Mongolians. The army that has landed on the beaches of Tsushima is led by Khatun Khan, a fictional nephew of Kublai and thus also the fictional grandson of Genghis Khan. You understand that the Mongolians invade Japan and since Tsushima is closest to the rest of Asia, it is the island’s turn first. Led by Lord Shimura, the samurai attack the invaders, but the battle does not turn out as expected. Khan and his people smash the Japanese and capture Shimura. Jin Sakai, the son of Lord Sakai, who died earlier, is the only survivor, thanks to Yuna. She is a female thief who sees the best chance in Jin to free her imprisoned brother. Thus, Jin takes his first steps towards freeing Lord Shimura and, ultimately, defeating Khotun Khan and the Mongolians.

During that process, Jin’s fame will also grow and he will slowly but surely become known as ‘The Ghost’. There is a deeper layer in this for the story because Jin owes that nickname not only to his successes as a loner against the Mongolians but also to his questionable style. He soon learns how to take out enemies from behind. Very useful and much needed in some missions, but that is not the way of the samurai. The struggle between the approach that Jin should use and the one that works becomes increasingly important throughout the story. The only pity is that as a player you don’t really have a share in it. It is not that you can choose whether or not you follow that ‘way of the samurai’. That choice has already been made. That does not detract from the story.

Ghost of Tsushima PS4 Specification

Manufacturer: Sony/Sucker Punch
Title: Ghost of Tsushima
Genre: Action
Age rating (Pegi): Be careful with children under 18 years old
Platform: PlayStation 4
Genre 2: Adventure
Language: English
Data carrier: Blu-ray
Edition: Standard Plus Edition

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