How to Beat Challenge 22 Merge Dragons Fjord 14

Merge Dragon may appear to be more challenging with the sequence of levels up. You might be stuck in some challenges if you have no clue how to beat. The Merge Dragon challenges have three levels of difficulty and are more complicated. The goal is to fight with the stopwatch and meanwhile find the precise combinations to achieve the secondary goals. The key to all of these attempts is to earn special rewards and dragons to help you out in your base camp.

Merge Dragons Challenge 22 is particularly long. There are a lot of fusions going on on Dead Earth. It will put your skill and endurance to the test. Therefore, we come up with the challenge 22 guides to help players overcome these challenges without much struggle.

Global Challenge 22 Merge Dragons

  • Level number: 149;
  • Game costs: 3 trophies;
  • Objective: To create a restored statue of Gaïa x 1;
  • Secondary objectives: creating spot mushrooms x 5, creating large grass x 2, creating an emerging puddle x 1.

How to Beat the Challenge 22 Merge Dragons

A great way to blow and remember the location of the various items is to open the shop during the challenge level. You’ll also need to do long item moves. Click on the item you want to move, move the map and press the empty slot to drop the item where you want it. To beat challenge 22 in Merge Dragons, you can follow these steps one by one.

Step 1

  • Mix the three prism flower seeds on the island in the upper left to make the prism flower bud.
  • Move the prism flower sprouts to the top right to merge with the one on Dead Earth to get the prism flower bud.
  • Catch the tuft of grass in the lower right and place it on the island in the upper left. Merge with the two on Dead Earth.
  • Perform the same operation on the tuft of grass that is already on the same island with the other two tufts of grass on the dead land.
  • In groups of 5, merge the two lawns you got with the three dead earth lawns in the upper right corner to get two large grasses.
  • Take them and connect them to the one on Dead Earth in the lower right corner to get a marsh grass.
  • Take the two available marsh grasses to merge with the one on the dead earth in the lower-left corner to form a tall grass.

Step 2

  • Use the Care Extender you received.
  • Click on the dragon nests to get eggs and let them hatch.
  • Bring the tall grass you received from the main island to merge with the two found on Dead Earth.
  • Use the Healing Extender to unlock the three Zomblin Caverns.
  • Summon at least four Zomblins to tap into the caves for fresh graves (at least four).
  • Once the caves are destroyed, slide the prism flower bud to the left. Merge with those on the island left on Dead Earth. Then unlock two new Zomblin caves and a Tanzanite flat grass.
  • Directly below, the Tanzanite Plains Grass unite with the two existing on Dead Earth. This will unlock a new Healing Extender that gives access to two new caves and a mushroom cap.

Step 3

  • Take the mushroom caps at the tip of the main island and merge them with the ones on the dead land.
  • Collect the Prism Flower and its life balls obtained at the beginning to healing the adjacent puddle box.
  • Use the 4 fresh graves to put them in TWO separate groups with the two graves at the bottom of the main island. This will unlock two new healing expansions to create two new puddles. Merge them with the 3rd puddle to create a resulting puddle.
  • Bring it to the top right of the main island and merge it with the other 5 on the main island on Dead Earth. This will unlock the last Healing Extender. This will allow you to reach the three destroyed statues of Gaia.
  • Merge them together to get a restored Gaia statue and complete the level.

Final Words

These are the exact steps to help gamers pass three difficulty levels in Challenge 22. If you are still stuck somewhere, you might be overlooking something. Then just look back to check the listing one by one. If you have any problem with other challenges of Merge Dragons, please do not hesitate to comment below. We will update to post a new challenge crack guide in the future.

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