Top 10 Best Switch Games Reviewed

Nintendo debuted the first Switch games in 2017. Nintendo’s Switch quickly charmed its way into commuter rucksacks, carry-ons, and our homes since then. With its seamless combination of handheld and console gaming into a single device, the Switch is very suitable for both individual and group play. You can play Switch games on either the original Switch or the more affordable Switch Lite. What is your top 10 ranking of Nintendo Switch games? We have done our due diligence to single out the best 10 Nintendo Switch games that have been played the most in 2020.

Best Switch Games Top 10 Reviews in 2020

What are the most played Switch games among gamers? If you are searching for the list of the top 10 rankings, you might find a wide difference. However, there are always some popular Switch games recommended by the majority of gamers. If you are struggling with what the best Switch games you should try first, just come through the top 10 reviews of the best switch games in 2020.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Zelda – Breath of the Wild, was voted the best game when it launched in 2017. It is still considered by many to be the best switch game ever made! It is unpredictable and full of surprises. You grow in strength as you progress in the game. It is larger in scale than any other Zelda game. Although it could seem daunting, it is exciting and liberating.

In Zelda BOTW, you can climb, which is an improvement from the previous editions. Hence, you need to remember that the mountains and walls are not obstacles anymore. Zelda BOTW is engrossing, and it challenges while keeping you enthralled.

Super Mario Odyssey

Three decades ago, Super Mario 64 popularized the Nintendo gaming platform. Super Mario Odyssey is a revamp of the classic game to fit the demands and expectations of a new generation!

The game is exquisitely made to evoke a sense of nostalgia, and hence it feels familiar and strange all at once. It fuses the classic 2D game with 3D gameplay to make it look modern and interesting. It has the question mark blocks from the original Mario game, but it also has new elements such as stone lions and purple lava. Super Mario also has possession powers through Cappy, which is his hat with a soul. Cappy helps Mario take over characters and completely grab their powers!

While it is not original, it is a brilliant reinvention of everyone’s favorite character. It also ranks right up there as one of the best Switch games in 2020.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

This game is one of the most popular ones in 2020. At a time when social distancing rules the real world, Animal Crossing gives people a good distraction. It gives them a chance to escape to their islands and find community and social interaction, even if it is only virtual. For many, it has become the ideal stress buster.

You can express yourself creatively through house design or by planting a garden. You can also have a visitor to the island. Hence, the game offers you the chance to do something new each day. It celebrates kindness and social living and offers promise and change. It is a game that is much needed in 2020.

Untitled Goose Game

This is a game about a prankster goose with a to-do list of the most annoying pranks possible! Untitled Goose Game is a laugh riot all the way through! The main objective in the game is to complete each set target. The real fun, however, is in being annoying and harassing the characters as much as you possibly can. You might feel bad for the poor guy, but it’s so much fun that you don’t want to stop!

You (the goose) use your skill and understanding to figure out how everything interacts with each other. Then, you use your understanding of how different people react in order to inflict as much damage as possible.

Bayonetta 2 Physical Game Card Plus Bayonetta Digital Download

Bayonetta is one of the best action Switch games available today. It is all about a commanding female protagonist. Her power lies in her hair, and she summons demons with it. She then uses the demons to conquer and subdue monsters and also maintain the balance in the world! Her hair is also her only clothing, and using it to lash at monsters makes Bayonetta a very sexy but scary dark witch.

The game contains action and combat right from the start. There are guns and whips and swords, and you can use any combination of these. You can even shoot with bare hands and feet. It is whacky, weird, and enjoyable at the same time. It is easy at the start but gets progressively difficult as you progress. The gameplay is good fun that you won’t mind playing the same levels over and over again.


Hades came out of the shadows with no warning and is a strong competitor for the game of the year 2020. This roguelike genre game was developed by Supergiant Games and released on Switch this year.

Zagreus, the gorgeous son of Hades, is the prince of the underworld. He is determined to escape from Hades and reach Olympus. You are helping Zagreus fight his way past demons and monsters by crawling through dungeons. It is a brutal game, and the combat is wild and impressive too! Death is also pivotal in this game. It sends you back and teaches you important lessons.

Best of all, every time you die and return to Hades, you get a chance to meet new gods. This helps you to build new bonds that will take you out of there for good!

Luigi’s Mansion 3

Luigi is one of the most lovable heroes (after Mario) in Switch games. Luigi Mansion 3 is a classic slapstick with Luigi as the eternal victim. Although it can be considered a part of the Trilogy, this game is standalone. Hence, you need not have played the other two in order to understand the storyline. In this game, Luigi tries to save his friends from harm in a haunted hotel. It is definitely a contender for the game with the best visuals (2020). Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a guaranteed laugh riot and will keep you entertained for hours.

Dead Cells Action Game of The Year

Death is not the end, while it is just the beginning. Dead Cells are all about death and is an absolute kill fest. When you feel angry, this is the perfect game for you. You play a small green immortal blob who can control different bodies. Your body is mortal, but the little green blob is immortal. Also, the range of weapons at your disposal with each body keeps changing. Hence, the sheer number of possible scenarios in this game is enormous. However, the frustrating part is the unpredictable death of your body. This often makes you want to scream in frustration! It is definitely a game worth mastering.

Hollow Knight

The Hollow Knight is the tiny insignificant protagonist of this game. He goes around poking bugs, and monsters, trying to collect and eat crystal while trying to stay alive. This game has things going bad all the time and you are constantly trying to survive each stage. If you are lucky, you will probably get a new power and blast some enormous and massive monsters. You may also find some friendly and helpful bugs to hang around with.

This game will keep you on your toes. Monsters keep dropping in on you out of thin air. This game also builds on the skills acquired by other Nintendo games with some twists and turns. The ominous music is also the perfect mood-setter.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

This game is about wild journeys through forests, deserts, and across the sea. You play a hunter working night and day to fight off mammoths, dragons, and monsters. The game is a combination of other old favorite games with new disturbing features added to make it interesting and exciting. If you are an old fan returning to the game, you will notice that each armor has a new skill. You can still farm for a new weapon, and you can also upgrade and downgrade your weapon of choice. This was not possible in the previous versions.

The game has two new styles- valor (a style that adds exceptional bravery), and alchemy ( a style that adds surprise attack powers). It also introduces the prowler mode. For new players, this game offers a map and battlefield that is vast and exciting to play. It also includes a wide range of weapons, guns, bows, hammers, and more. You have to take your time with this game to find out all its secrets.

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