Best Buy Employee App Download & Update

Best Buy’s employee app is an employer-specific mobile application. You cannot find it in the public application platforms like Apple’s App Store or Google play store. It is privately distributed and maintained by Best Buy for the benefit of its employees.

How Do Employer Specific Apps Work?

For a long time, corporate companies have incorporated a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program. You can download your company-specific applications and have the ease of checking your emails/or do additional work on the fly.

But this brings in a security risk for the company. So, whenever you download your company’s app, you must have a “profile” installed for the app to run. This profile is time-specific, and you log in with your company-specific email address.

The profile and the application you download is managed and distributed via Mobile Device Management (MDM). Your company’s IT admin team adds security policies and manages the app and the profile in your device.

When your profile expires or in other words, when you quit, this app is automatically disabled.

Feature And Benefits

Best Buy aims to make their employees’ lives easy by adding many out of the box features in its employee app.

Get Your Daily Work Schedule On You Phone

Too difficult to remember your work schedule that keeps changing every week? Or curious to know your shift for the upcoming weeks? You can check all that in your employee app. All you have to do is, log in to the app and find out your schedule.

Manage Your Employee Benefits

As a matter of fact, you can pull up complete information about your employee benefits using the app. For instance, your salary, health insurance perks, 401(k) benefits, etc. Additionally, you can apply for a PTO (Personal Time Off) or vacation using the app.

Manage Your Work Shifts

Got caught up in some unexpected personal work and can’t make it to your scheduled shift? Using the app, you can swap shifts with your coworkers after your manager’s approval.

Manager Specific Features

To point out, managers have a set of additional features for their roles. You can assign shifts, create shifts for pick up, notify employees on events, send group messages to a set of target employees, approve or deny shift swaps, export payroll and track if an employee has logged overtime hours.

Additional Helpful Features

Of course, there are a couple of features that could benefit you.

Geek Squad Protection (GSP) is one of them. You can scan a product and look up the GSP plan and prices for that product.

Another use is to check your Best Buy employee discount, that is to say, how much discount you are entitled to a product. Key in your employer Id and search for the product to get the discount information. Remember that you can’t see a discount until you have completed your first 30 days working at Best Buy.

What Are The Requirements to Run Best Buy Employee App?

As mentioned previously, this is an employee-specific app, and you must meet these requirements;

  1. You must be a Best Buy employee to be able to use this app.
  2. It would be best if you had an Android/IOS smartphone with an updated OS.
  3. To manage and protect corporate data, you must have Microsoft Intune installed.

Where To Download?

You can download the latest Best Buy Employee app here. Additionally, if you are looking to update your app, you can do it from the same link.

Steps To Download And Install

  • The above link will subsequently take you to the Microsoft login page.
  • You have to sign in with your official Best Buy login ID (abc******* and your regular password.
  • Likewise, sign in again, once the above step connects you to Microsoft’s Best Buy Portal.
  • Tap ‘Install’ to install the latest Best Buy Employee App to your mobile device
  • Before you download the app, you must have the appropriate profile for you to use the app.
  • However, the profile is automatically downloaded if your phone doesn’t have one.
  • It is essential to realize that you go to Settings>General>Device Management (A few iPhones have it under General>Profile) and check your profile.
  • After you download the profile and the app, you will be able to login with your Best Buy’s Email and password.

Yet another quick way to download and install it is via this link. This link will directly take you to the employee login page, where you can download the app. You will probably skip the first two steps mentioned in the above section.

How To Update Your App

Another key point to remember is that you have to update the app for any latest version manually as it will not be done automatically. Updating is a simple process. You don’t have to uninstall the older version as the new version will override the older one.

Why Should I Update My App Regularly?

There are certainly a lot of perks when you update your Best Buy App regularly.

Experience New Features

One of the key benefits is experiencing new features and enhancements that come bundled with the latest version of the Best Buy app. You get to have some first-hand experience with the latest app enhancements and functionality.

Other Benefits

Keeping your app up to date makes sure there aren’t any security vulnerabilities, and the app gives you a better performance.

Dos And Don’ts

  • Make sure you download the app from the official sources.
  • Sharing your employee login details will be a violation of policy, please do not share your credentials with your coworkers.
  • Make sure you protect your phone with a strong password to avoid the company’s data breach. Usually, when you download the management profile on your phone, it makes sure you have a strong password. If not, it recommends you update to a stronger one.


If you ever have trouble downloading and using the Best Buy Employee app, this article should help you solve them. Do let us know your feedback by leaving a comment below.


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